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  "Educating teens to make safe driving choices" 

In the words of Tommy Lasorda, “Baseball is like driving.  It’s the one who gets home safely that counts.”

We are Andy and Suzanne Hoeppner and we would like to welcome you to just drive.  As a husband and wife team working side by side, we aspire to provide an exceptional curriculum for any new driver.  Our course has been developed to meet the Department of Transportation’s Standards and uses current technology and interactive media which makes just drive the most comprehensive training program offered in the area.

In addition to owning just drive (Glendale/Brown Deer and Whitefish Bay/Shorewood), Andy owns an excavating and trucking company and Suzanne is a full time Compliance Auditor at Commerce State Bank.  Andy also has received the designation of Licensed Driving Instructor by the State of Wisconsin which allows him to integrate his knowledge and experience into our driving course.

We also employ numerous licensed instructors that are involved in law enforcement and education.  Their personal experience and professional training enables them to provide all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a safe, effective driver.

We look forward to getting you safely behind the wheel!

Andy and Suzanne 

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