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frequently asked questions

Q. What does my son/daughter need to take with them, to the DMV, to get their instruction permit (temps)?

A. Your son/daughter will need to take the MV3001 form, that's the actual application they received from the just drive instructor. In addition to that your son/daughter will also need to take a certified copy of their birth certificate or a valid US passport. In addition to that your son/daughter will also need to take their Social Security card or valid photo student ID card from their High School.

You can also visit http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/doc/index.htm  for more information.

Q. How old does my son or daughter need to be to sign up for the classroom portion of just drive?

A. Your child needs to be at least 14 and 1/2 to sign up for the class, 15 and 1/2 to get their instruction permit and 16 to get their driver's license.

Q. How long does my son or daughter have to drive with their instruction permit?

A. No matter how old your child is (under 18) when they get their instruction permit, they must drive with that instruction permit for 6 months. So, if they get their instruction permit at 16 they must be 16 and 1/2 before they can take their road test to get their license (and so on).

Q. When can my son or daughter start their behind the wheel lessons?

A. They must be 15 and 1/2 years old, AND have taken the classroom portion of just drive, AND have their instruction permit. Then they can schedule their behind the wheel lessons. The first lesson must be scheduled within the first 60 days of your child receiving their instruction permit.

Q. Why won't just drive pick my son or daughter up at home for their behind the wheel lesson? 

A. just drive believes that picking the student up at home and then having them drive to the next student's house is not a good practice. With just drive, both students get in the car at the same time, so that both students hear all the instruction that is given.  By picking up the students at the same time, the students are also not shorted any drive time or observation time in order to pick up or drop off the other student.

Q. When I register for just drive it asks me to create a login ID and password, what is that for? 

A. The login ID and password are for you to access the behind the wheel schedule and schedule your behind the wheel lessons online. You will want to make your login ID and password something simple and easy to remember.  You are not protecting anything; it just helps us keep track of the number of lessons you have signed up for.

Q. When I look at the behind the wheel calendar I see a bunch of 3 digit numbers, what is that all about. 

A. just drive assigns each student a 3 or 4 digit number to be used when signing up for behind the wheel lessons. This keeps the calendar much cleaner and also keeps your child's anonymity. They are given this number on the first day of class.

Q. How do I cancel a behind the wheel I scheduled?

A. All you have to do is call the just drive where you are taking the behind the wheel lessons and let them know you have to cancel. This must be done at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged a "no show" fee. We don't like doing this, but we do pay an instructor to be there for the lesson and if you call early enough (at least 24 hours in advance) we can probably find someone to take the lesson.

Your son or daughter has been given all the instruction on scheduling their behind the wheel lessons. We believe that driving a car is a huge responsibility, so start by having your son or daughter schedule their own lessons.

Q. How many behind the wheel lessons should my son or daughter schedule a month?   

 A. Your son or daughter should schedule one or two lessons per month. This allows the student to practice what they were taught on their lesson and also gives everyone else a chance to schedule lessons that month. If you schedule two lessons a month the lessons will be completed in 3 months. A student must complete all six lessons prior to taking their road test.  Remember, they must have their instruction permit for 6 months.



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