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just drive offers a sound education that consists of the foundational skills that students need to become smart drivers that make smart decisions. Here is a brief look into what makes our curriculum the best, student centered, driver's education program in the State:

  • Written by Teachers and Law Enforcement to meet the needs of all learners
  • Incorporates Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy with the contemporary learning theory - 21st Century Learner
  • Consists of an interactive PowerPoint (no book) that fosters active participation and collaborative learning activities
  • Purposeful teaching with clearly defined content and objectives
  • Consists of regular assessments and supportive intervention plans when necessary

In order to guarantee that just drive offers a sound education we have taken steps to ensure the following resources:      

  • Qualified teachers
  • Appropriate class sizes
  • Adequate and accessible classrooms with sufficient space to ensure appropriate class size and implementation of a sound curriculum
  • Sufficient and up to date supplies and educational technology
  • Suitable curriculum, including an expanded platform of lessons to help at risk students by giving them more time on task
  • Adequate resources for students with extraordinary needs
  • Safe orderly environment.

At  just drive we are not only teaching students to drive, but to become responsible, informed, and knowledgeable citizens.  We take the business of teaching kids very seriously. Our mission statement is "Educating teens to make safe driving choices".

In addition, just drive also offers the convenience of online registration, online scheduling of behind the wheel lessons, online behind the wheel calendar and our great customer service. Compare our qualifications and curriculum to our competitors and then decide; there is no reason to go anywhere else.

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